Master of Business Administration began in the United States in the early twentieth century When the government and companies turned to the scientific management approach to operations, MBA programs required in the USA Usually a total of about forty to sixty credit hours and the MBA is an academic and professional degree that is awarded after studying the courses, passing the written exam and submitting the case study.
  • Why do you study MBA?
  • MBA can help in career advancement where some may find themselves They have reached a certain level in their career and therefore they need something new To reach higher positions in management, The study can also add specific practical skills, such as leadership and strategic thinking which will be a formidable force when applying for positions at the management level.
  • Why do you apply to study with A.A.U?

  • A.A.U is characterized by high flexibility in the study system where Education is available through personal attendance or online through the live broadcast service via Zoom platforms
The study is presented by the best professors specialized in the Arab world in the field of management General and teaching is done through the personal interaction system, not the theoretical system, which provides the best scientific result for the student through interactive workshops.
The approach of the American system has been followed in the study of business administration with the number of credit hours, where the student studies 200 hours of study. Over the course of a full factor divided into two paragraphs .
The first :
Studying courses over a period of four months, with a total of 40 credit hours
The second :
Preparing a master's or doctoral thesis in a number of hours ranging from 160 to 200 hours
Continuous communication between the student and the scientific committee to provide all administrative advice in His field of work or for the purpose of self-development in general.
Ease of registering to study from anywhere in the world through an administrative staff that deals with the highest levels of professionalism.
_Practical supervision of master's and doctoral theses with the highest levels of professionalism And with great flexibility, which allows the student to follow it moment by moment to finish the scientific thesis in As soon as possible
_Attention to the implementation of the case study project for each course It is being studied in order to raise efficiency and practical experience of the learner
_The possibility of studying anywhere in the world through online education via the Zoom platform, live broadcast and continuous interaction with the lecturer.
(original courses)
- Business Management .
- Strategic management .
- the shopping .
- HR .
- supply chains .
(Additional courses according to the student's desire)
- Accounting .
- Research and teaching methods.
 The Federation provides the Department of Administrative Studies with academic credits Agents from international universities abroad and professional accreditations

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